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A vehicle is a sound investment, which is why it’s important to take good care of it, starting from the ground up with expert tire maintenance. Though simple in terms of design, tires are critical to your vehicle’s safety and performance. We are more than well-equipped to perform a myriad of tire services and repairs here at Lakeside Auto Repair, in addition to tire sales.

Importance of Regular Service

Every bump and rut you encounter on your daily ride will impact your tires before anything else. How your tires react will, in turn, affect other car components, such as the suspension and drivetrains. By staying up on tire maintenance through regular visits, you’ll feel confident knowing your tires have the right pressure, are free of defects, and are aligned correctly. All these steps help minimize the chances of an issue with your car’s handling, fuel economy, or safety. If you want your car to achieve high marks in these areas consistently, consistent tire service is non-negotiable.

Tire Services

The well-trained service team at Lakeside Auto Repair thoroughly inspects your car's tires every time you visit us for scheduled maintenance. Every 6,000 miles or so, our technicians will recommend rotating your car's tires so that they wear out more evenly. This helps avoid irregular, potentially dangerous wear patterns and maximizes the tires' contribution to quality cornering, braking, and traction. We are also happy to perform tire balances and tire inspections. Right around the 45,000-mile mark is when we'll start talking about buying new tires and current tire sales. You can purchase a new set here at our repair shop, where our tires are competitively priced, expertly installed, and engineered by top brands such as Michelin and Hankook.

Tire Sales

Visible wear and flats are obvious signs it's time for a new set of tires, but there are less obvious signs to keep in mind. These include low tread depth, loss of pressure, or more frequent trips to the pump. Each tire on the market uses a different formulation in its manufacture, and it also has different tread patterns that are better suited to certain types of weather and driving conditions. If you're unsure of which tires are best for your vehicle, consult our certified technicians, and they'll help you choose the right "shoes" for your vehicle.

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Of the many parts of your vehicle, only one is in constant contact with the road: that's right – your tires. These invaluable components endure a lot day in and day out, which is why it's incredibly important to have them checked and serviced regularly. Irmo, South Carolina drivers can find some of the best tire service and tire sales by visiting Lakeside Auto Repair at 1401 Dutch Fork Road. Feel free to give us a call at (803) 550-9029 to learn more!