Keep Your Mechanic in the Know

Don’t be intimidated by the repair shop

Taking your car into the auto repair shop is a bit like a doctor’s appointment. It’s a visit you should schedule regularly, but usually put it off. You have to tell your technician about how you drive your vehicle and anything you think might be going wrong. It doesn’t sound like a good time… but in the end, you’re better off for having done it! Vehicle maintenance is a way to keep your vehicle in like-new condition for longer and improving your driving experience. If you come into your appointment, keeping in mind your technician really just wants to help, you can work together to get the best results for your vehicle. At Lakeside Auto Repair, our technicians put together a few tips to keep in mind when you speak to your technician.

Keep An Eye (and ear) Out:

Many maintenance issues begin with small signs of a problem. It’s not always smoke coming from under the hood or a flashing light on the dashboard. For issues with your engine fluids, it may be a small leak under your vehicle. If your engine needs service, you may notice it is whining a bit higher when it is working hard. All of these little changes could be the start of something worse, so keep your eyes peeled when you’re in and around your vehicle for any changes in performance.

Don’t Be Shy:

If you know you have some bad driving habits, your technician will need to know those, too. No judgement! Sometimes we accelerate more quickly than we should or ride the brake in traffic. There are dozens of small driving habits that impact the wear and tear on your vehicle. If you let your technician know, they can offer suggestions on improving your habits, or services to keep your vehicle from being damaged over time.

Tell Us Your Priorities:

Your technician is going to go over any and all concerns that they have. That doesn’t mean that every service needs to be performed immediately. Ask what services are necessary to prevent bigger maintenance issues, and which are less concerning and could wait for your next visit. Your technician can help you prioritize services to keep your visit within your budget.